About Me


Message from the CEO:

 The main goal of our suite is to provide services in the form of free consulting and support services in the best possible way. Considering that consulting is very important and necessary in the trade and investment chain for small and large companies, we decided to provide the best services in the form of international business consulting and financial and legal affairs related to contracts to the company. The main reason that all the services of MIG Group in the form of initial consultation are free is our goal which is to build trust in international clients. During my many years as a lecturer, trader, and consultant for large industrial complexes, I consider one of the most important business circles to be consulting in business affairs, which will be much easier for companies by using a strong and committed business consulting group. In international trade as well as marketing, there is no need for huge expenses and with a committed and strong consulting team, you can operate in world markets. Our goal is to provide honest services based on principles, commitment, knowledge, and experience, which has become possible after 50 years of experience of our management team.
I hope we can serve our customers in the best possible way and look at us with the perspective of a partner and business friend and be with them in the way they are.


Experience :
Consultant of Iran Chamber of Commerce
Advisor to the Turkish Chamber of Commerce
Member of the Investment Commission of the Iran Chamber
Member of the Youth Commission of the Iran Chamber
Member of joint chambers of Iran, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France
Member of the Office of Strategic Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs